Check 1, 2

So, here I am. The funk continues. I’ve had many of you calling and asking about me since I haven’t been posting. I am just finding it hard to be motivated in pretty much anything. I know this is common for cancer patients but it’s highly unusual for me. I just keep trying to take things one day at a time and I know that at some point I will realize that it’s better than it was before.

I am about to embark on a couple adventures. I’m looking forward to both and hoping that they help to get me back on track. The first is a fishing trip with my dad in Canada. We will be completely remote, no roads for 150 miles and will arrive via one of those tiny little planes that lands on the lake. Pre-cancer me would be terrified. We will be on the lake for a week in a cabin which is going to be super plush compared to the canoe trips we usually take. I will even have wifi so if you’re lucky you might see an update with amazing photos. I will return home for what I expect to be less than 24 hours and turn around to go on a First Decents trip to Jackson Hole for kayaking with a group of survivors. I will be gone for almost three weeks and at this point I am planning to not see the kids between trips because I expect that would throw them into a complete tizzy.

Finances continue to be scary. Any donations are much appreciated. Eric got denied unemployment benefits. A very basic description of events is that he was forced to quit his job several months back. The words “cancer pass” were used. More than once. But the end result went down as Eric “giving notice” rather than being fired. Then he was hired immediately by a second company which unfortunately went under when the City of Denver did not renew their contract. So legally, he was not at this second job long enough to be considered for unemployment and after an investigation of the first company, their decision was that he left the job and therefore is not eligible. I don’t talk about politics as a rule, but this situation sucks. The new job is going well but does not offer benefits. My parents have been covering these for us which is not easy for anyone as they are very expensive. We’ve been trying to get benefits for the family (obviously my options are very limited) and Eric has been turned down for ridiculous reasons. We finally found coverage for him and Evelyn which will start that policy next month. Fletcher and I will go on Cover Colorado which is state insurance for people who can’t get coverage anywhere else. The benefits are actually great, but it is pricey. This goes away at the end of the year with the healthcare reform so we will have to figure out what we are going to do then. One thing at a time.

In addition to normal life, two people I know have died in the past month from their cancer. It sucks. I’ve got to get my head right and just appreciate the time I have. I hope that will be a long time, but honestly none of us know. The American Cancer Society is looking for participants for a study. This is for people who have NOT been diagnosed with cancer who are between the ages of 30-65. The study will follow you for a number of years and requires a blood draw at the beginning followed by questions to fill out every few years. It’s not an invasive study and can help them figure out who is getting cancer. ACS studies are awesome. Their first study linked cancer and smoking (which seems so obvious now, but they had to do a lot of work to prove it). The second study linked obesity to certain cancers. This one is looking at genetics, lifestyle and a bunch of factors. It’s called CPS-3 for Cancer Prevention Study 3. They need a lot of people. You can make your appointment to get signed up by going here: Click on “where to join” to find locations in your area.

School started this week and I officially have a kindergartner. It’s insane. He hates school which I expected since he’s been in the same classroom with the same teacher for two years. New school where he doesn’t know anyone is a big change. I love the school though and they gave us a full scholarship for Fletcher to attend full day kindergarten which usually costs $400 a month. It’s really amazing. It is a Montessori charter school and I love that he gets to make so many choices about his day. I know that he will appreciate this as he gets more comfortable in the environment. Also, Evelyn up and potty trained. Even at night. No more diapers is awesome. I take no credit as clearly she decided to do it. My kids are super stars.

So, to sum up… life is still kind of passing me by mentally but I hope for improvement soon. And sign up for the study!

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  1. Jill Breheny says:

    Done! I signed up for the study. I was amazed that there were 4 locations I could choose from in my area (all close) and the appointment is only 20 minutes long. Easy! Thanks for letting us know so we can be part of this.

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