OMG is an understatement

I can’t even express how glad I am that I came to Vegas. This summit is AMAZING. I’ve been in sessions all day and am squeezing in a blog before going out for the evening. I’m sitting in a lounge chair by my window high above the strip watching the sun going down behind the mountains. It is completely quiet which never happens in my world. Well, completely quiet except for the random sirens or honking from the street below.

So, to recap the past two days… I left Denver yesterday and arrived here at lunch time. I started volunteering as soon as I got to the hotel and ended up in three different consecutive shifts in different places. It was a great way to meet people and feel like a part of things right away. I’ve met several people you may know from TV, and honestly I have to catch up on their shows because I have only watched clips. But from what I’ve seen each one is amazing.

First, Andrew Jenks from World of Jenks won the Stupid Cancer Social Impact Award and I was able to meet both him and Kaylin from the show. Here we are:



Also, today I was able to meet Jaymes Vaughan from The Amazing Race who is also a Chippendales dancer and advocate for testicular cancer in support of his father. Here we are with another dancer and a good friend I’ve made here at the summit:


Incidentally, I also discovered what has happened to Chris Tucker:


Meeting new people is certainly a big part of this weekend, and it’s always cool to meet people on TV. But more importantly, I’m meeting a ton of survivors. I am meeting people my age, and no matter what their diagnosis was, we all have so much in common. It is a powerful experience. I’m also getting very inspired about ways I can change things for the better. Both in ways I can be healthier and also ways that I can support awareness and support for young adult cancer. I’ve laughed countless times in the past 36 hours and cried too. One of Stupid Cancer’s tag lines is Get Busy Living. This weekend is certainly making me want to do just that. I am inspired. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way. And it is good.

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One Response to OMG is an understatement

  1. Jill Breheny says:

    Jenn, I am so happy to read this post. I am thrilled to read that you are feeling inspired by what you are learning and those you are meeting. Your smile says it all!

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