Today was pretty eventful. It started bright and early with doctor appointments. Yesterday I went and met a friend at the Y and we worked out on the ellipticals for 30 minutes and then did yoga. It was wonderful. It made me feel like my old self again which was amazing. Last night however I woke up several times and had a lot of soreness in my chest, very similar to getting a fill. I was very glad for my lymphedema appointment bright and early today. The therapist thought it was primarily muscle soreness and didn’t see any issues with my expanders or anything which is great. She was very happy to hear that I was getting back out there and said that I should start slow but it will really help overall. She did a lot of massage to loosen me up and suggested ibuprofen and a hot shower. I can take that medicine any day.

Next was a visit to the infusion center where I had my labs drawn and all of the nurses wanted to see pictures of the baby. Me going on a trip was big news for everyone 🙂 Then I saw the oncologist. My labs were much better than I expected which is great. My doctor was very pleased. My numbers were still low for a “regular” person, but for being 12 weeks into chemo they were great. My white blood cells are still up from the Neulasta shot, but my platelets were so much better than last round. When we checked them 3 weeks ago they were 55 and today they were in the 120’s. So, I am cleared for chemo on Monday. She did an exam and said that I look great. She did remark on how much the expanders have softened up. I had just had my last fill before our previous visit so they were super tight. I do feel like they’re getting more comfortable. I’m also getting more used to them. Last night my friend made a reference to Steve Carell in 40 Year Old Virgin comparing breasts to bags of sand. That’s pretty much what mine feel like which we got a good laugh out of. The best part of the visit was that my oncologist said she would see me on April 8th for my last chemo. My LAST one. Not “we’re starting another medicine” or “we’ll see how you do” – that one will be IT. I can’t even express how nice that was to hear. So two more total, but only one more chemo check with the doctor (she will be on vacation next week which is why I didn’t see her on Monday).

After my appointments, I dropped in and saw some friends from TOPS on my way home. It was great to see everyone and I feel so lucky to have such good friends. I think I am going to join them again to help me get this weight off. Something about going and getting on the scale every week makes me work so much harder. I’ve been gaining during treatment – all of those steroids don’t help and I wish I could say I haven’t been stress eating but that would just be a lie. I feel like the trip to Reno was so good for me. I was really able to get away from everything and relax in a way I don’t think I’ve done since all this started. Plus the baby was just amazing as babies always are. Everything around them is sweet and special and that just radiates from them into everything else, including me. Plus, being my niece I think this affect was amplified. It made me want to feel even more like myself – or a better version of myself than I’ve felt like lately. I want to get this weight off and get back in shape. I want to do all kinds of projects around the house. I just want to kind of lose myself in all of these good things and not think about having cancer all the time. It’s a good thing I think.

After all of my appointments, we went to Eric’s office to turn in his key and collect his paperwork and final check. I am trying to be impartial here and kind of “rise above”. I am a big believer in karma and I believe that it isn’t up to me to impart my feelings on the situation. I’m sure you can guess how I feel about it anyway, but it will all work out and karma can be your best friend or a total bitch. You reap what you sow, right? Anyway, moving on…

We ran some errands and then my folks got home with Evelyn. Fletch and I drove over to pick her up and the kids were absolutely giddy with excitement to see each other. It was the cutest thing ever. All evening they have been hugging each other, holding hands and generally being as sweet to each other as possible. They are even having a sleepover in Evelyn’s bed tonight. They always get along, but it’s just amazing to see how much they love each other. I hope that it continues their whole lives, but I will take it however long it lasts.

So, a lot of things today but it really was a good day. It was pretty hard to tarnish the day after hearing my doctor talk about my last chemo. It was nice to see her smile about it as well. I know that I have a great team and they’ve been feeling my pain – it’s nice to see them relax so much. It’s nice for me to relax a bit too.

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2 Responses to Relaxing

  1. Riki says:

    Hi, Jen – A hallo all the way from South Africs! I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 weeks ago – 36, two little ones (6yrs and 5 months). Started my first Red Devil last week. Reading about your experiences has really helped me and you write with a sincerety and transparency that makes this whole thing less scary for me, so thank you. Congrats with your new addition & good luck with your LAST (happy dance) chemo. Kind regards, Riki

  2. Riki says:

    Uhm……South AfricA….my word……I blame the chemo lol

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