Best laid plans

There’s a saying about those plans – seems mine went astray as they often do. I went in for chemo on Friday as planned. Got my labs drawn and went to see the doctor. We had a good talk, but she had some bad news for me. My counts were not good – like as in no where near good enough to get chemo. I knew these meds have the biggest side affect listed as reduced counts, but I haven’t seen them this low. My WBC (White Blood Cells), ANC (Absolute Neutrophils) and Platelets were the deal breakers, but they were low across the boards. The platelets are really the big one because there is nothing they can give me to boost them, my body just needs to do it on its own. They were at 57 and need to be in the 150-400 range. The bad thing is that there isn’t anything they can give me to boost them so we just have to wait. I’m increasing green veggies in my diet to hopefully help this in the future but they said there isn’t much I can do. My WBC can be boosted with the Neulasta shot so if the platelets come up they will give me that shot to boost them. I go in again on Monday to draw labs and see what they look like. If they are still bad, I go in Wednesday, then Friday and then if they’re still too low I will attempt again in Reno. So think happy and productive bone marrow thoughts for Monday. In any case, it looks like me being sick in Reno is likely. Hopefully I’ll be too distracted by my new niece to feel too bad though.

My chest is still really painful. I am surprised it is lasting this long, but I’m hoping to be back to normal in a couple days. The lymphedema therapists taped my chest and back hoping to help my pain levels. I am not sure at this point if it’s making a difference, but hopefully it is. The pain from the fills is usually mostly in my ribs but this time my back is super sore and I am having pain in my chest too. At first I thought I was getting some feeling back in my breasts since that really seemed to be where the pain was coming from, but I am definitely still totally numb. I think it must be the pressure on the ribs and the deep muscle that I’m feeling, but it’s strange. Also, it turns out that I shouldn’t have gotten that fill because my numbers are still way too low for it. Whoops. Luckily the needle marks seems to be healing just fine.

We are getting snow tonight and forecasted to have it all day tomorrow. This will delay my parents leaving for Reno by another day so Evelyn will be home tomorrow night. I started thinking last night that she’ll be doing new things the next time I see her. I hate to miss anything but I’m sure when I’m throwing up from the chemo I will be really, really thankful for the break. I’m sure she will be surprised (super-prized as she says) to see me in Reno so that will be fun.

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4 Responses to Best laid plans

  1. There are donor platelets…… and people can donate them for you, if that’s the big problem.. One other thought, have you tried dermal patches for pain? Tiger balm makes a good one, and you can get them over the counter at any pharmacy…

  2. Sending you hugs…this happened to me as well. Just try to go with the flow and stay positive. It is hard I know, but you have lots of prayers being said for you. xo

  3. Hope the blood count comes up :Crosses fingers: Good luck!

  4. Christina Cullinane says:

    Happy thoughts, the best medicine. XXOO – The numbers will bounce back! Enjoy that new baby.

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