FAQs & Financials

I’m busy getting everything ready and keep thinking about things I need to post so I’m going to take a break and write so I stop thinking about it. Knocking things off my list and this just became one of them.

First, I’ve had a lot of people ask questions so here are the answers for those of you who are wondering but haven’t asked:

I will be at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center. Saying this, I would request that people don’t visit me in the hospital. In fact, I have left instructions for immediate family only and yes they have a list of who those people are. As much as I love everyone, recovering from getting my boobs chopped off is not exactly the way I want people to see me. Also, I expect to be in a significant amount of pain so I’m not likely to take kindly to surprises. I know I’m a charmer, but I can be pretty bitchy too. You don’t want to see it.

The best way to get updates is right here and Facebook – my sister will be updating when I get out of surgery and I will get online as soon as I am able to.

Also, flowers are wonderful – but they are temporary and will need to be transported. If you’d like to do something, please consider making a donation to help us pay our bills. I’ve read several things on Facebook lately about people faking illness or taking donations and not spending them on bills. Let me assure you that we are not those people. First of all I am obviously not faking anything. Secondly, those of you who have worked with me won’t be surprised at all to know that I have a spreadsheet tracking all of our donations and how they are spent. So far we have received a total of $5,412. $3,501 of that is in donations from PayPal and $1,911 has been received via checks or donations in person or in the mail. The way we have decided to break up payment is to keep the PayPal money for next year’s bills and use the checks/in person donations for immediate bills. Our out of pocket for insurance is $5500 per person, per year. We will obviously meet that next year and have already met it for this year so that’s a total of $11,000. There are also additional bills such as the dental work that needed to be done to start chemo and our co-pays are not included in our out of pocket so as you can imagine, $60 every time I go in to any of my doctors adds up REALLY fast. We are making progress paying the bills, but they are pretty crazy. We are super, super thankful to everyone who has helped us and I assure you we are not out partying with any of that money. We are trying to pay everything quickly and have been sending $1,000 per month of our money plus any check/cash donations we’ve received that month. I was hoping to have this year’s bills paid by the end of the year but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be possible right now so we will carry a balance forward to next year. It was probably wishful thinking. Anyway, I don’t want anyone wondering where their money is going so that’s the deal. Wouldn’t it be nice if cancer was free?

I’m still not feeling super stressed, although I have noticed I have a short temper today. I’ve started my pre-op shower routine with a strict showering schedule and washing with sterilizing wash. It’s really drying out my skin so I hope it’s doing something to reduce my risk of infection. I can’t believe surgery is tomorrow. Honestly, I still can’t really believe I have cancer. What the what. I will update pre-surgery and see how I’m feeling either tonight or in the morning. I’m expecting the anesthesiologist to call me later so I will have a better idea of how that will go in the morning. Until then – cleaning and packing. Getting ready.

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5 Responses to FAQs & Financials

  1. Eric says:

    I would like to double thank everybody who has donated to our cause. Some days a fake illness sounds more attractive than a regular job, but a real illness helps me not care so much about my job.

    For those who donated ( Team Fickes Cancer Fighter Unit ), we will be making up some sort of thank you gift for everybody this summer. I take an annual art class in Snowmass CO and intend on making this year’s project the Team Fickes thank you something or other. I heard we’re making shirts this year so that’d be cool to get into screen printing.

    Again, we are both overwhelmed and deeply thankful for everybody who has contributed anything to help with Jenn’s cancer. We definitely can’t do it alone and can’t thank the immediate and internet family enough.

    Thank you all!

  2. Dave Matos says:

    Jenn- I’ve been following since the beginning. I am so sorry you and your family are having to go through all of this. My mom had cancer when I was a child and it changed our family tremendously (as you can tell it will already), but once the surgery and chemo is over it can (and most likely will) change you all for the positive. Hang tough! Keep as good of an attitude as you can and most of all beat it (my mom is still going strong 30 years later). Super positive thoughts and wishes for a quick and complete recovery coming from Blueland.

  3. Paige Cunningham says:

    Please let us know what time your surgery is so we can say a prayer. Best of luck tomorrow. Know that you have a lot of people thinking about you, praying for you and wishing you a fast recovery.

  4. LeighAnn Snyder says:

    Jenn–so glad for this post. Just wanted to know you are being thought of & prayed for often. I know you have a strong supportive family that will help you through, but if you need anything, know that you or they can contact me.

  5. Giana Benson says:

    Lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way Jenn! I hope the surgery goes well and I look forward to an update of great news!!!

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