PET results, multiplying tumors and chemo news

I didn’t feel stressed about getting the results today until I went to bed and then I couldn’t sleep for a long time so I guess I’ve been a little more stressed than I anticipated. But, I went to my pre-op visit with the surgeon this morning which was great. Mostly a revisit of yesterday’s info but I love the surgeon so it’s always a good visit. And, I know that’s not the appointment anyone wants to hear about.

So, first the good news – the PET scan was good. It has not spread. Pause for happy dance. It is apparently still multiplying as the report showed three additional masses and from what I am reading, yes they are all malignant. But, as long as it’s staying put I don’t really feel like it matters how many different pieces there are. Here are the images – side by side old and new so in three months you can see that it’s gotten bigger.

In the body scan, you can see my heart in the second one but not in the first. The doctor said that sometimes the heart shows up and sometimes it doesn’t but it is just something that happens on the scans rather than any indication of something important. My heart looked good. The dark spot near my heart is the cancer and you can see that it’s bigger than it was in August. Also, no dark spots under my arms which would indicate lymph node invasion. Another happy dance.

This one shows a close up of the cancer zone. Again, bigger but in one place.

Next is the not so good news. The AC didn’t work either. So apparently, as Eric puts it, my tumor eats chemo for breakfast. My doctor said she is going to put her thinking cap on and come up with a new plan for after surgery. She wants to start chemo a couple weeks after so I go back to her on December 10th for a meeting to get our new plan of attack. I am also assuming that this means that radiation is more likely – which is fine, whatever we need to do.

That’s it for my quick update, tomorrow is our meeting with the committee at the university so I’ll write again after that to see if we have any new information.

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2 Responses to PET results, multiplying tumors and chemo news

  1. Michelle Buan says:

    Yea for no spreading and yea for no lymph node invasion. Damn tumor! You’d think for all the side effects from the AC it would be doing something to the tumor. Hoping the doc has some good plans in her arsenal for post-op.
    I hope you are able to enjoy your time with your sis and have an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

  2. Sue Joyce says:

    Thanks for explaining, when I looked at the scans quick without reading I unleashed a string of expletives.

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