Lesson learned – hydration is important!

I felt so much better yesterday it was insane. Pretty much like a normal person. Who knew fluids would make such a difference? I am working to keep myself better hydrated and the nurses said I could come in any time I needed a pick-me-up so that is good to know. I did a ton yesterday – and had an old friend from high school come hang out with me for the day. Usually just one or two errands would have killed me for the rest of the day but I literally went all day long. Amazing.

I got up with the kids and made breakfast before our speech therapist came to the house. My friend came over and we got the kids ready to go out to take Fletch to school. Evelyn had a few hours with mom to facilitate errands (thank you mom!!!) I can’t do much to volunteer at Fletcher’s preschool, but for now I go in every Wednesday and read a book to the kids at the beginning of class. It is so cute, they are totally engaged and it makes me happy. I sit up on a chair away from the kids a bit so hopefully I will at least be able to do it for a while. My WBC count is still in the normal range so I will have to see how long that lasts and when I need to limit my exposure. After school, I took both of the kids in to get their flu shots. I have to go in Friday to get mine and the oncologist asked me to have the family get their shots this week. The flu mist is a live virus so I can’t be around anyone who has gotten that for at least a week. So, shots all around which was a bummer. Apparently it is stinging this year more than normal and the kids both had quite a scream fest during the shot, but the ice cream afterwards seemed to make it all better. Thank you Yogurtland! While Fletch was at school and Evelyn was with mom, we hit up the Dollar Tree and got glow in the dark stuff for Halloween, went to the bank, Costco, and I even went out again after the kids were in bed to JCPenny and Target trying to find clothes for Fletch since he seems to have outgrown all of his warm clothes since last year. I know running errands doesn’t sound like an exhaustive outing, but for me that was like a week’s worth of activities in one day.

Eric was super sick the night before last and didn’t get out of bed all day yesterday. I doubt he will want me to elaborate online, but let’s just say things were not pretty in that bathroom. I have stayed away from our bedroom and the bathroom trying to not catch the bug. Hopefully it worked. Evelyn has been waking up at night lately so I just held her in the recliner all night and slept in there. She was in heaven but I didn’t really enjoy waking up when it was still pitch dark out. I couldn’t see a clock but I’m sure we were up before 6. I don’t know what the deal with kids waking up early is. Mom is going to come over and strip the bed and hopefully I’ll be able to go in the bedroom again tonight – assuming Eric is better of course.

It was really nice to have a “normal” day. I’m hoping the chemo doesn’t hit me too hard today but we will see soon enough. I’ve ordered the kid’s Halloween costumes online and am trying to do my holiday shopping through the fundraiser links so lots of online shopping lately. I want to get my holiday shopping done early too because I don’t think I’ll be feeling too great as we get closer to the holidays. I will be updating the links again as I’ve had a couple changes but you can always check that tab for active fundraisers. We are receiving 15-20% of all of the purchases made to go towards our medical bills. HUGE thanks to everyone who came out last weekend and to all of the vendors who are hosting this for me!!!

I also want to thank everyone who has brought us food and participated in the meal train – we SO appreciate it!!! Right now we don’t have anyone signed up to bring any more food, but we do have quite a bit in the freezer so if anyone would like to get the information for the future please feel free to send me an email (jenn.fickes@gmail.com).

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