Groundhog Day

I was talking to my sister this week about how everything is cycling and it’s the same thing over and over and she brought up Groundhog Day. Nail on the head. That is my life right now. It is such a bizarre cycle of taking care of myself every day, what days I’m going to be exhausted, who will take care of the kids, how sick will I get, rinse, repeat. Life.

I still felt good this morning from getting rehydrated on Tuesday. The fatigue set in right on schedule this afternoon but it wasn’t too bad since I was handling my general symptoms well today. Just super tired which comes on really fast. I took a nap and took the dogs for a walk while Eric put Evelyn to bed. Walking every day is one of my tasks and it does make me feel better to get out a bit. I have to wait for the sun to go down like a vampire but other than that it’s good. I’m trying to drink at least three quarts per day but determined that I’m going to have to start really watching the color of my pee. If it isn’t clear I’m not drinking enough. That keeps it pretty simple.

I read on another blog today about people who fake having cancer for some kind of personal gain (getting a free wedding for example). I can’t imagine someone doing that. People really do suck sometimes. I don’t even know how you would pull something like that off, let alone how you could lie to all the people in your life.

So far I haven’t caught Eric’s sick so hopefully I won’t. Time for bed.

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1 Response to Groundhog Day

  1. Groundhog day is exactly right.

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