Prelude to Thursday

Well, it’s Wednesday night and I already feel like I did at lunchtime last Thursday. I feel like I’m a character in a movie and we’re about to see the sick montage. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as last week but judging by my current headache-fatigue-nausea combo it doesn’t look good. Fingers crossed it’s a bug or something.

I took a shower a little while ago hoping to give myself a boost. I love the shower. I swear I could stand there all day with my head under the spray and just let the warm water soak me. When I was drying myself tonight I noticed my skin was peeling off with the pressure of the towel. Just the top layer – a million pieces of skin. That’s comforting. I slathered myself in lotion once again and am reminding myself to do it more often. This week I’ve been out of my normal routine with all the sleeping. Can’t skimp. Still losing hair but it’s gradual so I’m going to ride it out until it starts looking thin and then we’ll buzz it.

I did call the study nurse today to clarify what the symptoms would look like if my blood work got bad “really fast” like she talked about. Mom and I were discussing it and we thought it would be good to have a little clarification on that whole thing. She said I am basically looking for symptoms of being sick – bad sore throat, cough, fatigue, fever (especially fever), etc. So those are all things I would have called about anyway. She also said that if I get chills and am shaking, whether I have a fever or not, I need to get in the car and get to the hospital immediately. Don’t even call first, call on the way from the car. I kind of feel like that is something they should tell us up front if it’s that critical, am I crazy?

Anyway, I was super tired today and obviously having some early symptoms which is about all I have to report for today. Fingers crossed. Good night.

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