Fatigue and bills

Here we are again. If I hadn’t made it clear enough already, Thursdays totally suck. It’s a little different every week but it’s never good. This week my head started hurting around 1:00pm. Just a little reminder of the cloud following me around. By 2:30 I was in bed, but Evelyn refused to nap so I was in and out. My mom came over at 3:30 so I could pass out then. I feel more like the flu this week than in the past. I walked a little this evening since the oncologist stressed getting exercise to combat the fatigue. I would guess I walked about half a mile very slowly, but I got out of the house so that was something. Fletch appears to be getting sick which isn’t good. We are all watching him like a hawk and trying to keep the germs from spreading. I gave him his own box of tissues and hand sanitizer so he could be in charge of keeping his germs private. His preschool teacher told me that he got up in front of the class yesterday to tell all the kids how not to spread germs and teach everyone to cough into their “elbow pit”. Man, I love that kid. He is sleeping over at my folks house tonight so I’m getting updates on how he’s feeling.

Thinking about going through flu season with a compromised immune system in a house with a toddler and preschooler is somewhat daunting. We have a plan in place to quarantine me as needed, but it’s going to be tough to stay healthy. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it.

One of the tasks I had to tackle this morning was the bills. They are starting to come in and I can’t imagine what people who don’t have insurance do. As it is, I think all companies have had to cut back on coverage. We have the best plan we are offered, but our out of pocket per person is $5500 per year. Since chemo goes through January and surgeries will start in February, we are going to have to pay that twice so that’s $11,000 out of pocket just covering our insurance. Kind of overwhelming. So in the face of that, I really have to say thank you to those of you who have contributed to our fundraiser. So far we have received over $2500. I was able to pay our first round of bills today without having to stress about where that money was coming from and I will never be able to thank you enough for that. We are trying to figure out some more options for fundraising so if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share.

I am trying to enjoy my days more rather than wallowing in thoughts about cancer. The kids are doing so well. Fletch has gotten set up with OT twice a week as well as speech therapy and seems to be doing better. Evelyn seems to be happy most of the time, weaning so suddenly and all the time away from me has been hard on her. She’s also had about 6 teeth come in over the past couple months so she has other reasons to be cranky too. She’s almost got a full set in there finally – just a couple more to go. Both kids have been dancing a lot lately which I love. I am really trying to enjoy all of those little moments that go by so quickly. Sometimes it’s easy to get busy and not even notice them which I think is sad. I know that’s happened to me in the past and I want to notice all of those little things. I want to be present for my kids and just love every bit of what makes them the people they are. Today Fletch drew a lion in OT. He’s had a really hard time with fine motor skills and doesn’t like to write or draw. Today he wrote the entire alphabet for his therapist and drew a lion while looking at step by step instructions. I am so proud of him.


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3 Responses to Fatigue and bills

  1. Eric Fickes says:

    Hugs and high fives to everyone who has helped with donations ( and food trainers đŸ™‚ ). The response is amazing and truly helping the whole family.

  2. Heather says:

    That is the most excellent lion I have ever seen. Stay tough!

  3. Sue Joyce says:

    I loved Fletch’s picture, that’s so great! Ella starts speech therapy next week so hopefully some words soon.

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