I’m shedding

Time is really strange these days. I didn’t realize how fast the weekly chemo would make everything else go. I really only have two good days a week which is hard. I feel Thursday afternoon coming like there is a big ticking clock following me around.

I was tired on Wednesday, more than I have been the weeks before. I ran a couple errands and went to a school meeting. I was amazed how little I had left for the meeting. I had planned to go to the grocery store on the way home, but it was rough to drive straight home and get in bed. My errands had been stopping at one shop and dropping off a cookbook for a customer. Not exactly a long list that should take it out of me.

Since I haven’t had time to post in a couple days, that’s pretty much all the excitement – sleeping and being exhausted. One day at a time.

My nose has been very irritated, I forgot to put that in with my symptoms from last week. It’s not outwardly bleeding, but any time I blow it there is blood. The nurse said I am probably in the process of losing the hair inside my nose.

My fingernails are also starting to flake off – my friend Jill from Lemongrass takes such good care of me and brought me some great nail balm yesterday so hopefully that will keep them from getting too bad. A lot of people lose their nails all together so I will just have to see what happens. Here’s what they look like:


Yesterday my mom gave me a hat she knitted for me. I love it and I wore it. Part of me put it on to see what it will be like to wear a hat all the time, but it was really just comfortable so I kept it on. I’ve been checking my hair pretty often because I know it’s going to start coming out. My skin and scalp are itching a lot which they said happens as everything is shedding. Last night it started coming out. It does seem to be thinning like they said rather than patches just falling out in clumps. But either way, it is happening.

I stayed home yesterday afternoon and the kids will be out again today. It helps to just be able to sleep when everything kicks in. My big plan for today is to venture into the shower at some point. That’s about all the excitement I can handle.

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