Shave and another haircut

Yesterday morning I had a Pampered Chef show. The show was booked before all of this drama happened and was an hour drive. As I’m sure most people know, the person who signs you up as a consultant stays with you – they become your mentor and help your business. I totally signed up on a whim, I had never met this person before and didn’t think about the impact they would have on my business and my life. And I could not have been luckier. She could have been someone I didn’t want to be around, that I couldn’t talk to, and that didn’t get me. But she is none of those things. As cheesy and random as it sounds, she has become a good friend. Plus she helps me. Like I said, I lucked out. We were concerned about my energy level and if I’d be okay for the show and driving back, so she came and picked me up and drove me there. She helped with the show, cleaned up and drove me home. I am so thankful. I keep underestimating how much things are affecting me. I keep expecting there to be good days. And for a large part of the day, as long as I’m hanging around the house and taking it easy I actually feel okay. Tired, but I think I can do things. Then I try and I’m exhausted. I guess I’ll get used to it. My first stop after the show was my recliner. Eric took Fletch to the skate park later in the day, but I didn’t do much of anything else.

I took a shower before the show and shaved my legs. It had been at least a week and as I was shaving, I noticed that my hair was short – stubble. Like I had shaved a couple days before. I wonder if that’s the chemo? Does the hair stop growing before it falls out or does it just keep on normally until it can’t anymore? I have no idea. I’m going to be paying more attention this week. Who would have thought a shave would generate so much self analysis?

I went out for a walk last night. I keep reading that exercise will keep my energy up. I couldn’t help feeling like a vampire going out for a walk in the dark, but I can’t go out in the sun. I could just coat myself in sunscreen, but my skin is getting super dry too so I am really aware of what I’m putting on it. No chemicals. I am so sensitive to things that I’ve never even thought about before. So, I took the dogs for a walk in the dark. It was nice.

My hair has been making me crazy – I have a huge cow lick, my hair has a natural part that just won’t quit and the whole top of it just wouldn’t do anything but lay there. I almost had Eric shave it last night. He has a 1″ guard so I thought maybe that would be okay, but we decided it would probably be a little too short for now and would probably just stand up. So this morning I had Eric drop me off at Great Clips while he took the kids to the donut store. I paid a lot for the first hair cut at a nice salon and it was making me crazy – so I figured why not try a cheap haircut. It couldn’t be any worse than what I had, right? The hairdresser did tell me that the cut was a nice cut, but my hair was not playing well with others. All of the things I have already mentioned, plus it’s wavy. It’s difficult. I told her I wanted a pixie cut and we tried to figure out what we could do that wouldn’t make it act up. She cut it and tried to style it in a messy pixie. It was bad. I had the idea to bring it forward and that worked, it finally behaved. Not sure how it looks on me, but I like it better. Here’s what we came away with:


I came home and napped afterwards. Like I said – little things take a lot out of me. I slept for a couple hours and Fletch snuck in and woke me up. I think I might have slept all night. He had to try really hard to make me wake up. He told me that it was almost dinner time and I needed to wake up because “daddy REALLY wants to go to the skatepark”. He is such a goof. The crazy thing is even after sleeping a couple hours, I don’t feel any different. It’s like the exhaustion has become a part of me. I’m only two weeks in. I need to not be this bad already, right?

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4 Responses to Shave and another haircut

  1. Melanie says:

    I like the new haircut!

    • Andrea Todd says:

      Melanie is a great friend, glad she is there for you Jenn. Thinking of you and praying lots. Love the new haircut. Looks great on you đŸ™‚

  2. Michelle says:

    I like it better too. You look cute and more feminine than the first cut.

  3. Sue Joyce says:

    Me three! And all the crappy side effects means it’s working, it doesn’t mean you’re going to keep on feeling worse and worse.

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