Drilling, filling and chopping it off

A lot happened today. Mom ended up watching the kiddos all day for me which is not what I intended to happen, but that’s the way things went and I am soooo thankful to have her. Love you mom!

First I went to the dentist to have my filling done. All of my blood work came back great yesterday so they gave me the thumbs up to go and I don’t even need preventative antibiotics. Hooray me. First of all, yes – I went to THAT dentist. I wasn’t able to get in as quickly with anyone else and I wanted to get it done. So I figured just suck it up for an hour and it will be over. When I went in, there was a different tech working and she explained that she was a temp who came in to cover because the normal person called in sick. She was very nice. Then the doctor came in and I have to say I really liked him. He was very good and we talked about my health stuff along with what he went through recently with his biopsy and everything. He never made me feel bad at all. I know that my earlier visit was hard, and many of my friends and family have had a serious reaction because I was hurt by it. But really, I’m okay with it. I know they didn’t think about me – I KNOW. But I am not the person who is a part of their every day lives that they care about. He is. And having a glorious response to him not having cancer was the right reaction for them to have. I totally get that. Of course, having a very recently diagnosed super sensitive cancer patient in their chair when they had that reaction wasn’t great. But seriously. I am okay.

While I was at the office I learned something new. The medicines in my body right now break down the same enzymes that make novocaine work. How do you like that? I started to feel things and the doctor explained how it works to me. He of course knew that this was likely to happen so he made sure he did everything that could be a problem right away while it was still strong. Good thing for me. He said the same thing happens to alcoholics and drug addicts. Maybe that’s why they don’t take better care of their teeth. Or maybe it’s just because they’re alcoholics and drug addicts.

I also got a phone call from the midwife who found my lump during her exam. I know I said I was going to find a new practice, but I like her. I feel like I can be honest with her – I’ve told her about both instances I’ve had with the doctors and we can just talk. It’s good. She doesn’t try to make excuses and recognizes that it sucks. That’s what I feel like I need. I told her that I was going to look for a new practice, but I think I may just go to her for a while. She said she would definitely make herself available and she wouldn’t hand me off to someone else even if something came up. And she calls me to check on me. You guys probably know enough about me by now that calling me unprompted gets big points. I like doctors who care. I’m crazy like that.

After my fun morning of drilling and filling, I had to go to the tire store. The low air light came on but the guy at the tire store just put air in and we are going to see what happens. I don’t need a flat tire on top of everything else.

Then I had a gap in the day and it occurred to me that I could go get a massage. So I did. Totally last minute and it was 100 minutes long with coconut oil. Lovely.

After the massage, I went to the salon next door and chopped off my hair. Yup, I just did it. I don’t like it. I totally verified why I’ve never cut my hair this short. The woman who cut it kept all of the hair she could so we’re going to start that project soon. I wore my glasses to the massage so she took them off for the haircut. I didn’t put them on until she was finished “styling” it. Holy crap. I looked like Eric’s 7th grade school picture. She flat out feathered my hair. I mean really, who does that? Her logic was the more it is layered, the more it will hide my hair falling out. There was mouse, a large round brush and a SWIRL on the top of my head. And it was puffy. Good. God. I tried to be nice, she acted like it was the cutest thing she had ever seen. I talked to her a lot about cutting more but she really didn’t want to. I don’t understand why hair dressers are so nervous to cut people’s hair. So I made her spray it with her water bottle and messed it all up and it was a little better. I told her I’d wash it and see how I like it and decide if I want it shorter. And if I’m willing to take the risk of less layers camouflaging my bald spots. It’s not quite as shocking seeing it now but I can’t say I like it. I may need to start wearing my hats immediately.

So here is me, my new hair, my new shirt and the plant that I am losing the battle with:


Oh, and I totally forgot. I haven’t eaten today. Nothing. Not a desire to eat while preparing dinner for the kids, not a tummy growl, nada. I know that’s not good. I’m going to eat dinner. Just putting it out there.

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5 Responses to Drilling, filling and chopping it off

  1. kasie says:

    Love the hair Jenn. It looks cool because here in tx right now it is 100. Hope your week ends better. Hugs to you.

  2. penny snyder says:

    Yes! Your hair does looks great.
    And of course it would. You’re great looking lady!! Much love to you and your family.

  3. Sue Joyce says:

    I like it with the glasses!

  4. Lauri says:

    I think you look SUPER cute and I love the hair cut! How lucky are you that pixies are in??? Rihanna looked adorable last night with her new do. Now you are twins! I was cracking up at the “Eric’s 7th grade pic” comment. I would look like an exploding tomato with short hair. But, you wear it well. I love my daily dose of Jenn. And, I get to think of you EVERY morning as I’m using my 8″ saute pan to make breakfast. 😉 Big hugs and kisses for you, my friend! XOXOXOXOXO

  5. Jeanette says:

    I love the new sassy doo. I think you look great!!

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