Last test – check

As I said, I fasted all day yesterday until the PET scan at 2:30 in the afternoon. I was able to drink water but I’m so disconnected from everything that I really don’t feel hungry or thirsty so I’m just trying to force it down. My throat was sore all day so that helped encourage drinking. I’ve at least gotten myself to where I am peeing again.

My sister went home yesterday which was a bummer – the kids are missing her a lot too. It was a busy day, first day of preschool for our son. He’s in the same class he was last year so that’s great because the teacher already knows him really well. He has some friends in his class which he loves and had no problems with me dropping him off. We went back to my folks house and I tried to nap. My mom took the little one to the airport and she napped in the car but also managed to throw up all over herself in the car seat so dad and I took apart the car seat while mom hosed her down in the tub. Then we headed over to my appointment.

Again, everything is super expensive and I wish the company had better insurance coverage. But I can’t really do anything about that. After meeting to go over finances, I got called back. The tests takes 90 minutes. She brought me bak to a room with a large leather recliner and explained the process to me. She put a needle in my arm and took a drop of blood to check my blood sugar (it was 74) so I could get on with the test. She excused herself to get my radioactive injection. Sounds yummy, huh? She came back with a pretty big, thick, silver box. Inside was the injection. She gave it to me and wa-la, I am radioactive. I had to sit for 1 hour while it circulated through my body. I asked her to turn off the lights, she brought me some warm blankets, and I kicked back in the recliner for a nap. She woke me up when it was time to go to the machine. I was surprised because I thought it would be bigger, but it was much like the MRI machine. I just closed my eyes and worked on not being claustrophobic. It actually worked pretty well. I had some twinges, but I made it. Then she gave me a Nutrigrain bar and water so I got to have a snack. After the injection, I was supposed to keep at least an arm’s length from adults and really stay away from kids because they are more sensitive to the radiation. So my hubby picked up the kids and I took another nap at my folks house. We ran by the store and mom dropped me off after the kids were in bed so I could eat dinner and relax in the recliner for the night.

I got a call from Nurse J who runs the study and she is getting everything started. We hope to hear back today to find out what group I’m in and when I will start. She couldn’t give me results from yesterday but I know we wouldn’t be moving forward if they found anything on the PET Scan so I think I’m clear. She said the doctor’s office would be calling me later to give me the official results. So, preliminary hooray!

The port is really uncomfortable. I called the doctor yesterday and she had me add 800 mg of ibuprofen to my meds three times a day. She thinks it is inflammation that is causing it to be so bad. I think the ibuprofen is helping. It is such a strange feeling though. The less actual pain I’m feeling, the more I can feel a big block in my chest. It feels like someone shoved a garage door opener in there. I haven’t taken the gauze off it yet, I’m pretty nervous to see it. I do really need to take a shower so I will probably take it off this morning. I still have orange stuff all over my skin that dried from surgery. I have been trying to clean it off but then we find new spots of it in other places. Plus it would probably be good to put some new clothes on. I have to wear a tight sports bra for several days after the biopsies, so I have to get help taking that off now that I can’t use my arm very well. I guess we will see how it goes. I’ll try to post a pic later.

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