Ready for chemo

I really don’t even remember what I posted about yesterday, but I was in a lot of pain from the biopsies and took a lot of Hydrocodone.

This morning mom picked me up at 8:30 and we headed for the hospital. First I stopped in to see the ladies at the breast center. One of my pressure dressings was not applied very well and was driving me crazy. She fixed that for me and I was on my way to the 3rd floor for my EKG. We got in with no wait and got hooked up to the machine. He put 12 stickers on me and hooked me up to the machine. He asked me to hold still for a minute and watched the machine. He said it looked good so I thought that meant the test was going to start. But guess what? We were done. He printed it out and said he’d send it to the doctor. Bam. Easiest test ever.

We had some time to kill so we went over to the cancer building and looked at the store. They have all kinds of cancer stuff along with wigs, prosthetic boobs, camis and bras that hold the prosthetics, hats, etc. The wig lady came in while we were talking and offered to have me come try some on. They had one that was almost my exact hair color (maybe a little darker) and a cute little bob. I brought it home along with a free sleep cap. So I’m starting my collection.

Then we went back down to the main registration desk, checked in for the MUGA Scan and went over to radiology. Again, no wait which was lovely. The MUGA Scan is a nuclear test – the first thing they did was put in an IV and draw some blood. Then they took the blood back to the lab, took out the red blood cells and added some radioactive material. I got to sit in the waiting room and read People magazine while they did this. Then they called me back in, laid me down on a bed which he called an ironing board (and it did look exactly like that) and got me comfortable. The radioactive blood went back in and the machine went on. I had two tests done which just meant I had to lay there for 10 minutes each. I could talk during the tests and mom got to be in there with me so it was all pretty laid back. Mom took some pictures so I need to figure out how to upload them.

We drove over to the surgery center and got ready. I felt like I should be more nervous, but I’m just so numb. I got more nervous the closer we got, but it wasn’t anything like how nervous I used to be before any kind of little procedure. It was hard to think about being nervous for this surgery when I know what is coming in my future. This was only the second time I was put under though. They ran about 45 minutes late so I didn’t go back until around 4:00. The doctor came back and talked to us as well as the anesthesiologist – they had me sign some papers and we were off. My doctor called to check on the results of the biopsy while we were getting settled. The anesthesiologist gave me something to calm my nerves immediately which was great. Then we got the results that the additional areas were benign which is great. Big celebration and then I was wheeled into the OR. I remember getting on a different bed and that is it. Whoosh. Then I was awake. I was awake and I was WASTED. Out of my gourd. The nurse told me the first thing I said was “holy crap, I’m wasted!” And I made the anesthesiologist give me his information so that I can request him at all my surgeries. It was great. The doctor went out to talk to my mom and told her that I talked all the way until I was out and started again as soon as I came to. Sounds just like me, huh?

So that was the last step before chemo can start. I’ve met all the requirements. I will talk to the oncologist’s office tomorrow but I plan to start on Thursday.

I came back to mom and dads to recover for a bit before going home, I’m going to wait until the kids are in bed so they aren’t jumping all over me. I’m shocked at how sore my shoulder is – all the way up my neck and down my back. But I’ve got some ice and pain pills so hopefully it will feel better tomorrow. I actually have a day with nothing on the calendar for a change. And it’s the first day of school for our son. One last year of preschool before he had to join the grind. How sweet is preschool, I mean really?

Here I am getting the MUGA Scan:


And here is the image of my heart on the monitor during the scan:


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3 Responses to Ready for chemo

  1. Michelle Buan says:

    Wow, you definitely need to write a book when you get through with chemo. Your ability to make me laugh in the midst of all that you are going through is amazing. Glad to hear you heard at least some good news with the secondary areas being benign. Much love to you girl! I’m thinking about you everyday even if I can’t come up with the words for a comment to your posts. ((hugs)))

  2. penny snyder says:

    Yes, much love to you. I’m with you and your mom in spirit. Wish I were closer to you all. I read your blot every day. And cry for all your pain.

  3. kristina474 says:

    Love your smiling face in that machine. 🙂

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