The wheels are turning

Man, once you get in to your first appointment the wheels start turning, let me tell you. I have been on the phone non stop today. I’m going to refer to the surgeon’s nurse as Nurse S and let me tell you, she is a flipping rock star. She and another nurse worked on getting all five of my appointments scheduled. I was able to move one up since they had a cancellation, but that was the only phone call I made. I spent my time today delivering the last of the Pampered Chef items I had sitting around waiting to hear from customers. I called or emailed them all and told them they would be on their doorsteps when they get home. It feels great to have all that off my “to do” list. I also got to visit with a friend at her house for a few minutes since I had things to deliver to her so that was nice.

The reason I’m updating my blog tonight instead of in the morning is that I am hoping to get some sleep – and I have to leave for the hospital at about 7:15am. First, I check in through the hospital for an MRI. This should take about 90 minutes and hopefully we will get the results tomorrow. This appointment was originally scheduled for Monday but I’m glad they had a cancellation and am really hopeful to get the results before the weekend.

Next, I come home and get the kids so hubby can go to work. Then dad is coming over, we are all loading up and I’m taking the kids to our cousin’s house for a good part of the day. Our cousin with a heart of gold is going to be lugging around FIVE kiddos tomorrow so I owe her big time. I will put the car seats in her car and head back to the hospital. I will meet with a Patient Coordinator from the American Cancer Society at 10:45 to get some support group information for me, the kids and caregivers (hubby and parents). Then at 11:00 I meet with the genetic counselor to give her a full family history (which my dad will be a huge help with) as well as blood work to determine if I carry the “breast cancer gene”. She also said that they would definitely want me as part of a trial which will track my progress. Apparently there is a whole group of us young triple negative ladies and they think we may be carrying an unrecognized gene. Awesome.

Then we may or may not get a short break before meeting with the oncologist at 1:00. My husband is coming down for this appointment too. Mom had an obligation which SHE SHOULD NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT! (I’m looking at you mom). That should take us to 2:00 or later. Then I will go pick up the kiddos and go about our afternoon – hopefully hearing some results somewhere along the way from the MRI.

Then, the fun part – my sister is flying in for the weekend! Hooray! The kids are super excited and it will be great to see her and have some fun before all of the crazy really starts.

So, yeah – not a ton going on tomorrow, right? Nurse S also set up an appointment with the radiologist for Tuesday and the plastic surgeon on Thursday. I was hoping to get in for something today, but it ended up being good to get everything done that I did. Thanks to mom and dad for keeping the kiddos! I don’t think the little one likes me being gone so much, but she is a trooper.

In the middle of all my running around and scheduling today, I got a call from my surgeon. I already love her. She called me to let me know that they had a meeting this morning with the oncologist, radiologist, etc. Basically a cancer round table in my head. Well, guess who they discussed this morning? Everyone’s favorite patient, yours truly. Apparently I am a great candidate for a trial they are doing right now where the chemo is done before surgery. I will find out lots more tomorrow, but good to know that it’s coming and that the surgeon is on board if I make the choice to participate. I will give you more details later.

On a personal front, everyone was nice to me today and I did not feel the need to cry. I ate half a ham sandwich at lunch from Smiling Moose Deli and will eat dinner shortly. Mom also gave me a crying kit for the car so I am prepared for future moron encounters.

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5 Responses to The wheels are turning

  1. Lauri says:

    I just love you. Maybe you should write a column.

  2. Lori Williams says:

    Glad you had more of a better time eating Jenn. Will be thinking of you and prayers along with too. Glad Lynne gets to come home, i am sure getting out and going places with friends ,family and others helps to keep your mind occupied 🙂 TC.

  3. Rebecca Cupps says:

    Glad it was a positive day! Pray for all of them to be positive from here on!

  4. Sue Joyce says:

    I would just like to note that the name of the deli made me laugh. Good to hear you ate something.

  5. Leigh says:

    I feel like you’re in good hands!

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